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Phil Campbell Emergency Water Removal & Damage Restoration

Water Removal and Damage Restoration

One of the most likely problems that any property owner will face is water damage. No matter where you live, the chances are good that you’ll have to worry about it some day. Water can enter your property from broken pipes, leaky appliances, improperly sealed foundations, or as a result of weather-related flooding. It is important to know that whenever saturation has occurred on your property, your possessions are on a fast timeline to total destruction. Water seeps into fabrics and carpeting, it runs into the spaces between the walls, saturating the insulation and framework, it causes plaster and drywall to swell, buckle and bubble, and allows mold to gain a foothold on the property, causing a second wave of destruction if left untreated.

Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal & Remediation

These problems occur like falling dominoes, quickly and inexorably, until you find yourself facing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property and possessions. Water damage is a surefire way to devalue your property as well, because let’s face it—nobody wants to inherit your water damaged, mold infested property. The best way to deal with mold and water damage is to act quickly!

Water that floods onto your property from an outside source can contaminate your property with a dangerous soup of harmful agents like soil bacteria, fertilizers and pesticides, animal droppings, oils and other fluids from nearby roadways, and even human waste. This is an extremely hazardous mix of possible contaminants which poses a serious threat to anyone who comes into contact with it. Whenever you are facing an influx of water from an unknown source, call a professional immediately. At Clean Image Restoration , we are equipped with the safety equipment and the proper tools to assess whether or not the water flooding onto your property poses a health risk. Until such an assessment has been made by a certified professional, all water from outside sources should be treated as potentially dangerous, as it can harbor disease-causing microorganisms and parasites. We are experts in all types of restoration services including fire damage restoration as well.

Call the professional team at Clean Image Restoration , and let your safety be our concern.

Phil Campbell Emergency Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration